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"Beginning Melodic Improvisation gives students the tools to begin to improvise with confidence and understanding.  The clinic is thoughtful, incredibly useful, and fun!"

Beginning Melodic Improvisation

(5-30 students)

This clinic is designed for middle school and high school jazz programs or comparable groups with little to moderate experience in  jazz improvisation.  The clinic focuses on the language of jazz and communicating with instruments.  Students will learn about the form and structure of the blues, blues scales, and creating a jazz style.  Through hands on experiences and imitation, students will learn about different types of improvisational phrasing within the blues and how to use these different types of phrases to create solos that are structured, exciting, and full of emotional content.

Clinic includes:

  • 1 1/2 Hour - 3 Hour Workshop
  • Pre-workshop Materials to prepare the students for the clinic
  • Extensive Workshop Handouts in Concert Key, Bass Clef, Eb,and Bb.

"This clinic will take your soloists to the next level of improvisation. The results are immediate and substantial."

Intermediate Melodic Improvisation

This clinic is typically customized to meet the ongoing needs of intermediate to advanced improvisers.  Topics include creating melodic roadmaps for chord progressions, integrating pickups and cross bar line phrasing to solo structures, standard harmonic analysis of compositions, and motivic solo development.  This clinic is a wonderful opportunity to help jazz combo and big band soloists improve the content, style, and composition of their improvised solos. 

Clinic includes:

  • 1 1/2 – 3 hour workshop
  • Workshop handouts that are customized for your students needs
"Working with saxophone players is Brian's specialty.  My sax section didn't know what hit them."

Saxophone Section Master Class

This clinic is designed for middle and high school sax sections and can be specifically customized for beginner to advanced levels.  Tone generation, intonation, embouchure, articulations, vibrato, the role of each saxophone in the sax section, and using jazz inflections are topics for work and discussion.  This clinic is a wonderful opportunity for your jazz band’s sax section to polish and improve sax solis and performance compositions while working on improving their basic saxophone skills with a master saxophone teacher. 

Clinic includes:

  • 1 1/2-3 hour sax workshop
  • Workshop Handouts for Bb and EbSaxophones
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