Jazz Path Publishing Releases Digital Versions Jazz Books On sunhawk.com

Cambridge, Massachusetts- February 6 , 2006

Jazz Path Publishing is please to announce a partnership with Sunhawk.com that will result in the release of all Jazz Path titles in digital e-sheet music format. Creative Jazz Sight Reading, Singing Tongue Twisters A-Z, and the Jazz Style and Technique Series are now available for digital download through Sunhawk.com, the world's largest e-sheet music retailer. Future titles will be appearing throughout 2006.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for Jazz Path to promote our small select catalog to a larger audience through the internet. The digitally enhanced books and the digitally exclusive adaptations offer variety, control, and flexibility to our customers and push us to create the next generation of digital music titles," said Brian Kane, Jazz Path Director. "Our collaboration with Sunhawk not only offers us an international distribution channel for our products but also adds close to 500 domestic retailers through Sunhawk's eMusicExpress retail program."

Jazz Path books can be viewed on Sunhawk.com using the free Solero Viewer 7.0. The viewer enables customers to hear MIDI playback, adjust tempo, change key signature, and print digital titles. Books are available for purchase by chapter or as a whole and are fully adapted for use with the FreeHand System.

Contact: Brian Kane
Tel. 617-721-7635
Email: Bkane@jazzpath.com

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