First Book Of Singable Tongue Twisters Published In U.S.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - January 1, 2006

Jazz Path Publishing has released the first book of singable tongue twisters commercially available in the United States. Singing Tongue Twisters A-Z (ISBN 0-9760977-3-7) is a book and CD package that contains fifty original singing warm-ups designed to help vocalists and groups of all ages improve pronunciation, range, and technique.

For years, experienced vocalists and choral teachers have used tongue twisters as effective vocal warm-ups. Singing Tongue Twisters A-Z compiles 50 different tongue twisters of variable difficulty levels, featuring every letter of the alphabet, with original music that will challenge choral groups and singers of all ages. "After all of my years of teaching, I wanted to create a music book that had value for customers. This book has fifty unique twisters that can easily keep a choral group or individual busy practicing for a whole year," said author Brian Kane.

Vocal warm-ups have proven to be an essential, yet underutilized, tool for choral groups and individuals. "All vocalists need to spend quality time warming up their voices to get the most out of rehearsal or practice. These warm-ups are fun, memorable, and address dozens of essential learning topics for both diction and music theory. I believe that vocal warm-ups can address a variety of topics and still be fun for singers," Mr. Kane said.

Singing Tongue Twisters A-Z is available at select music retailers nationwide, Amazon, and A free preview and download of the book is also available at

Contact: Brian Kane
Tel. 617-721-7635

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