Singing Tongue Twisters A-Z

Choral and Music teachers say..

"I start every rehearsal by Singing Tongue Twisters for a 5 minute warm-up. My groups work on diction, intonation, and range and have fun doing it."

Classroom Teachers Say..

"This book is great for practicing letters and letter combinations. Even though I can't sing, my students love singing along with the CD."

Kids Say..

"These are really fun to sing along with!"

Singing Tongue Twisters A-Z contains 50 fun filled wacky warm-ups to improve pronunciation, vocal range, and technique. Perfect for teachers and kids, this fun sing-a-long book contains musical tongue twisters of variable difficulty levels, read-a-long worksheets, and a 50 track sing-a-long CD. Singing Tongue Twisters is an excellent warm-up tool for choral groups and a fun practice workbook for individual singers. 80 pages with CD.

CLICK HERE for AUDIO SAMPLE "Betty Better Butter"

CLICK HERE for AUDIO SAMPLE "I Thought a Thought"

CLICK HERE for AUDIO SAMPLE "The Two Twenty-Two Train"

CLICK HERE for AUDIO SAMPLE "Chester Cheetah"

Singing Tongue Twisters A-Z   $24.95

Apes Ate, Betty Botta, Betty Better Butter,Chester Cheetah, Daddy Draws Dinosaurs, Eddie Eats, Fat Frogs, Gertie's Great Grandma, Harrison Held, Jolly Jesters, Kindly Kittens, Lesser Leather, Mommy Made Me, Noisy Noise, Old Oily Ollie, Please Play, Quirky Queens, Really Weird, Sly Sam, PLUS 30 OTHER TWISTERS
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